Harper Trucks PGLYSK19BLK Nylon Hand Truck Review

January 19, 2016 - Comment
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Afia says:

Lightweight But Very Strong Handtruck My main interest that made me get this item, a good handtruck, was that I personally didn’t want to risk another back injury by heftying it into and out of a vehicle. Nor do I want to see anybody else injured. This Harper Nylon Hand Truck only weighs 21.4 pounds. It’s a high-tech hand truck. And it has a 300 pound capacity, which exceeds all uses we’d have for it. 

Clyde says:

Good except for 2 things I bought this to replace a hand truck we use at our 2 building motel. We need something that is light, has pneumatic tires (rough parking lot), and can go up and down stairs. I bought this model because it has the extra depth by the tires for stairs and it makes down into a trolley. Though “plastic” it is more than tough enough for the loads we carry. But I have 2 problems with this model: 

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