Rock N Roller R6RT Multi-Cart Equipment Cart with R Trac Wheels

November 26, 2015 - Comment
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J. Copeland says:

Nice cart! Make you own deck and shelf I really like this cart especially after adding my own decking and shelf…(see my photos) it is very sturdy and you can adjust the length to your needs, I use mine for location photo shoots where I need to take a substantial amount of equipment. I only use the length I need to take care of the equipment I usually take and that will fit easily into hotel elevators. 

Paukenwirbel says:

Absolutely Fabulous Cart — Money Well Spent!!! I bought this cart because I am a percussionist playing with a number of ensembles, and it’s been a real pain (literally) to move all my equipment piecemeal. Just last night I used this cart for the first time, and it’s absolutely priceless! 

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