Rubbermaid Commercial Utility Cart, Lipped Shelves, Medium, Black, 5″ Non-Marking Swivel Casters, 500 lb Capacity (FG9T6600BLA)

November 25, 2015 - Comment

Lightweight cart. Quiet operation. Two trays.Lightweight construction.

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Lightweight cart. Quiet operation. Two trays.Lightweight construction.


Douglas C. Meeks says:

Great Purchase UPDATE:2015 What can you say, good quality, sturdy and no problem assembling it. If you have a need for such an item this is a great buy and Rubbermaid usually means you can expect a certain level of quality and this item is no exception. Only note here is that it has small wheels and so if you are going to use it is something like sand or gravel this is NOT what you want, it needs hard surface for most uses. The main use it gets is hauling groceries and such from the car to the house, saving several trips through the gate and door. It says heavy duty and it really lives up to that description. I think I could haul bricks in it.UPDATE 2015: Thought I should mention that I bought another of these things. They are great quality and the first one is in almost as good a shape as the new one.

JN says:

150 lbs EACH SHELF, 300 lbs total This cart was easy to assemble, especially with a power screwdriver and socket. After following directions and using it for a few minutes, I agreed with another reviewer that the wheels are on backwards. Two of our other carts have the swivel wheels in the rear, above the handle and fixed in front. So I unbolted the wheels and put the swivel wheels at the rear. Everything works fine.The enclosed directions clearly state the load is 150 lbs for EACH SHELF, 300 lbs total. While I don’t need that much, it is easy to load 100+ lbs on the top shelf and the cart will not be as stable as distributing things on both shelves. I feel that the product description should say 150 lbs per shelf. Overall, this product is not really heavy duty, industrial like steel ones. It is just right for home, shop, and medium duty.By the way, the wheels ARE 5″, not 4″, (as noted by another reviewer). 5″ is the minimum needed to get over some doorway thresholds, into an elevator, etc.

Super Max says:

Very Pleased with This Cart I debated this cart vs a similar Harbor Freight model, and glad I bought the Rubbermaid. It’s very easy to assemble, everything fits together well, and the hardware is good quality. Only takes 30 minutes to assemble with a #2 Phillips screwdriver and a 1/2″ socket on a ratchet drive, and was actually a pleasure to put together. The wheels are 5″, not 4″ as stated in the description. Definitely recommended.Update: Also check your local Sears store. The $85 Craftsman cart appears to be identical to this one.

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