Winsome Wood Utility Cart, Natural

September 23, 2016 - Comment

Featuring a knife block, a cutting board, and two lower storage shelves..A convenient accessory in the kitchen, on the patio, or anywhere else.

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Featuring a knife block, a cutting board, and two lower storage shelves..A convenient accessory in the kitchen, on the patio, or anywhere else.


AT says:

Utility Cart I purchased this utility cart for my kitchen over a month ago and just found the time to do a review. It was shipped within the time period specified. = 1 star. Once received, I put it together myself and experienced no problems. 2 stars. I was beginning to accumulate clutter on the counters ie. food processor, toaster, smoothie blender, knife sharpener. So I thought this cart would be great to hold all that stuff I use on a regular basis. It sits at the end of a L-shape counter and really does not take up much room. 3rd star. The finish was great, and the width and depth of the shelves provided a really good amount of space. 4th star. The wheels on the cart makes it very portable, and the wheels move with ease. 5th star. I am really pleased with this purchase. It provides an alternative for all that “other” stuff and my counters are neat and much more appealing to me. Recommend this item very much!!!!

88Irocker says:

Good, but some assembly problems Assembly should have been a 1/2 hour snap. Instead it was over an hour (with two of us working). Some of the screw holes on the side didn’t line up 100%. But the screws still went in – were just a little tight because of the misalignment. I’m not sure if there’s quality control issues at the factory, or the wood warped a little during travel. The second issue was with one of the bottom shelves. They are comprised of several slats, and 3 crosspieces underneath. The slats are stapled to the crosspieces from the factory (they staple it diagonally and from the bottom, so don’t worry, you don’t see the staples at all). One of the slats wasn’t stapled correctly, and thus, the one slat was warped and wavy. I had to put screws into that slat from underneath to attach it firmly to the crosspiece and pull it in tight. And also added one screw on the slat next to it. Overall, this cart is good – good size, good color, and good price. I paid about $100 with free shipping. I…

Susan Bewley says:

Awesome Storage Cart for the Price! When my husband purchased this cart for me I expected it would be thrown away after we left his short term apartment. I didn’t have enough storage for my posts and pans and needed something that had a place for my knives and could be an extra cutting board. When my cart arrived and we put it together I completely fell in love. It is solid, sturdy, and very easy to move around. Best of all, the shelves are a great height, allowing you to have quite a bit of storage with this little cart. When we move back into the house after this contract I am planning on bringing this cart back with us since it is just so darn handy! This was one of those surprise purchases that I don’t regret it all and highly recommend it!

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